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This feature is being discontinued starting with Firefox version 58 (released on January 23, 2018). Thank you for trying it out and keep an eye out on future releases for an even better experience!

Firefox's new Search feature gives you the convenience of searching instantly on your Android home screen without sacrificing choice or privacy. It gives you the same mobile-optimized results you can find on Firefox for Android, without having to launch the browser.

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How to use Firefox Search

  1. Add the Firefox Search widget to your home screen.
    Tip: You can also start Firefox Search by swiping up (on Google Play edition devices) or pressing down on the on-screen home button (all other devices):
    start fx widget
  2. Select Firefox Search when prompted to choose a browser.
    Tip: Tap ALWAYS at the bottom to stop seeing this prompt again.
    search widget
  3. Start typing your search!
Change your search engine settings: Firefox Search uses your default search engine. To change your default, see Manage my default search engines in Firefox for Android.

Instant search suggestions

As you type in your search, Firefox gives you improved instant suggestions by grouping similar searches together.

  • To see related searches within a group, tap the + next to the search term.
    Example: Tap on the + next to chocolate cake recipe to see its popular related searches.

search widget suggestions

Search suggestions: Firefox Search gives you suggestions based on previous searches and popular related searches on the Web. To delete your history, see Clear your browsing history and other personal data on Firefox for Android.
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