Roles in the Social Support Program

As this program grows, a few roles have been defined and noted for the program that have been very helpful. Each role is important and helpful to keep the community queue of tweets and comments organized, show new users around, as well as enforce the guidelines for responding to users in both the personal accounts using #fxhelp and those responding with the Mozilla Brand accounts with their signatures.

The Casual Social Helper (TweetDeck)

Note: This role always uses #fxhelp in their replies!

The characteristics of a user in this role are:

  • someone who is in their first two weeks using #fxhelp in their replies
  • someone who is only using Tweetdeck with their own Twitter account
  • is an advocate for Firefox and tweeting positive tweets about Mozilla and Mozilla Products
  • has access to the Telegram group or IRC channel

The Official Social Helper (Reply by Buffer)

Note: This role always has a signature in Reply and #mozillasupport

The characteristics of a user in this role are:

  • someone that has been vouched for and/or added to the NDA email list of social supporters
  • someone that has been invited by a moderator or admin to the Reply by Buffer tool and has watched the video training on how to use the tool, how to escalate, and how to tag and triage in the tool
  • someone who has demonstrated a level of professionalism and knowledge of the Mozilla Products that matches the tone and goals of the Mozilla Brand

The Triager

This role is someone that’s in the Team Inbox only. Triaging can be done by anyone in the Reply tool, this is just a task to help keep it organized when other campaigns might flood the tool with mentions.

Their tasks are pretty simple:

  • they add tags to the tweets or Facebook comments
  • they look for threads that do not have tags and add the correct tag
  • they close anything older than 4 weeks old
  • they add a new tag where appropriate

The Social Program Moderator

As a moderator this user is a mentor and a moderator. Their tasks tend to be, but are not limited to:

  • orienting the user and help alleviate any doubts when responding to users
  • reporting any bad behavior of the user #fxhelp (on Twitter)
  • reporting any spam and triaging it with the tag 'Spam' and if necessary: to twitter or to facebook
  • showing and mentoring other participants on how to correctly configure TweetDeck
  • while mentoring or helping set up Tweetdeck, if there are any changes that you would like to make to the documentation please do so by adding the changes or a comment in this document explaining how to set up TweetDeck
  • reporting their positive or negative actions to both admins and other moderators. Nominate them for contributor of the week in the Community Meeting etherpad ;-)
  • evaluating whether it meets the prerequisites to use the Reply. At least one moderator and one admin must be part of that decision.

Moderators remove barriers to participate and drive members motivation to participate. They also help with conflicts and make sure that escalated issues are addressed by an admin. They help keep the atmosphere positive and keep users under the impression that we have a mutual purpose and have mutual respect for one another.

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