Migrate Bugs to SUMO

If you encounter a bug on Bugzilla that is actually a support request, this article will help you transfer it to SUMO quickly and easily.


  1. Start a New Question. (Note: Don't do this while logged into your own SUMO Account)
  2. Follow the Ask a Question Flow properly to ensure the thread gets tagged properly.
  3. When asked to register, use the Email address of the user, a username based off their email (everything before the @ works) and a random password.
  4. Use the Title of the Bug as the Title of the Thread
  5. Fill out the details of the question using the bug poster's comments
  6. Put in the bug poster's Firefox version and Operating System (pull from the bug)
  7. Submit the thread

On Bugzilla

Post a comment to the bug similar to the one below:


Your issue is a support request and so Bugzilla is not equipped to handle these kinds of requests. We took the liberty to copy your issue over to our support platform, where your issue can be taken care of. In the next few minutes you'll receive an email that an account on support.mozilla.org was created. You just need to click the confirmation link, and your support request will be made live.

If you wish to log-in to respond and leave additional information to your support request, please use this link to request a new password: https://support.mozilla.org/users/pwreset to get you all up and running.

We'll close this bug at this point, please continue on the support request on the support platform located at https://support.mozilla.org so the specialists there are able to assist you further.

Thank you.

Finally, close the bug as Invalid.

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