Introduction to Contributor Quality Training

Welcome to the Contributor Quality Training. This is where you can learn many, many, many topics about the Support Forum. There will be some "Wow"s and "Oh no!"s and lots of the basics of the forum, customer service skills and basic product skills.

Once you completed this training, you will be an expert in all general knowledge of the Mozilla Support Forum. The Contributor Quality Training Conclusion article lists the topics that are covered.

What is this training for?
The training is meant to ensure quality support to all Mozillians and users coming to the forum asking for help. It will promote empathy, not sounding like a robot, doing no harm, giving a little more effort and technical correctness (or more of it, if you already have it!)

Who is this training aimed at?
You! This training is for new, intermediate, and long time contributors. This is not customer service agent training, not going to be like school, and it is supposed to be fun.

What to take away?

  • You will get yourself aquainted with the Support Forum and learn how everything works. This includes guidelines, how to answer questions, and where to find more help.
  • It will cover a few examples and some tips and tricks from customer service skills acquired by others and past experience.
  • Basic troubleshooting of each product and beyond the basics of support for...
Firefox for Desktop
Firefox for Android
Firefox for iOS
Firefox Focus
Firefox for FireTV
and more to come....

Whom to contact and "what do I do to ..."
... add stuff
... remove stuff
... change stuff

All of these edits can be done the same way as you edit a knowledge base article. Flag a moderator or admin to review your change, approve of your addition or delete and everything will be fine.

What's next?

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