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Keeping Knowledge Base articles up-to-date and error-free are crucial tasks for knowledge base editors. Here's how to edit an article:

Open the Editing page

Sign in to Mozilla Support, find an article you wish to edit and find Editing Tools on the top right side of the page.

KB article Editing Tools

Choose one of these methods to open the article's Editing page:

  • To base your edit on the currently approved article revision, click Edit Article under Editing Tools.
  • To base your edit on a previous revision or a pending, unreviewed revision, click Show History under Editing Tools and click the pencil icon next to the revision you wish to edit.
  • For archived articles, click Show History under Editing Tools, click the Revision date and click Edit article based on this revision.

Edit Content

To edit the content of an article:

  1. Make your changes in the Content: text box of the Editing page.
  2. Click Preview Content or Preview Changes at the bottom of the page, if you wish, then
  3. Click Submit for Review.
  4. In the Submit Your Changes dialog box that appears, describe your changes and click Submit.
    Submit article
  5. Wait for a reviewer to approve your changes.

Keywords (reviewers only)

If you have permission to review articles, the Edit Content section will include a Keywords field for improving search results. See When and how to use keywords to improve an article's search ranking.

Edit Description (reviewers only)

If you have permission to review articles, the Editing page will include an unexpanded Edit Description section above Edit Content.


Click on Edit Description to expand the section.


This is where you can

  • Change an article's title, slug, category, topics, Relevant to: product and related documents
  • Archive or un-archive an article (Obsolete: checkbox)
    • See above for how to open the Editing page to un-archive an article.
  • Add or remove a Needs change: entry or comment

After making your changes, click Save description; otherwise, your changes will not be saved. After saving your Description edits, you can then make any needed edits to the article content.

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