How do I install the Firefox Relay Extension on Firefox Desktop?

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Extensions or Add-ons are small software applications that customize and add functionalities to your browser. To learn more about extensions for Firefox, check this page.

Why use a mask?

With an email mask, you can get a temporary and disposable email address that lets you register for websites or newsletters without exposing your personal information. It covers up your original email address to protect it from abuse, helping you keep your identity and your inbox safe from unwanted emails, scams, and data leaks. A masked email address cannot be traced back to the real address, making it a great option for when you sign up for something online or share your contact information with someone you don’t fully trust.

What does the extension do?

The Relay extension helps you automatically generate a mask when registering on a website by clicking the Relay icon that will appear in the email address field. Without the extension, you must go to your dashboard to generate your mask and copy and paste it manually.

Download and install the Relay extension

  1. Visit the Firefox Relay extension page.
  2. Click the Add to Firefox button.
    Install Relay extension 1
  3. Click Add in the extension installation panel.
    Install Relay extension 2
  4. A success message will appear when the extension is properly installed. Click Okay to move forward.
    Install Relay extension 3
  5. You will be redirected to the Relay home page where you can sign in or register.
    Install Relay extension 4
  6. Once you sign in with your Mozilla account, you will be taken to the Relay dashboard, where you will be able to manage all your masks.
    Install Relay extension 5

After completing the installation, the Relay icon will appear in the add-ons tray and email fields. Click the icon in the email field to generate a new mask, or click the icon in the add-on tray to select from a list of suggested masks.

Note: If the icon is not showing, right-click on the email field and hover over Relay in the menu that appears to generate or reuse a mask.

Create mask 2

To learn more about how to use Relay, visit Create an email mask through Firefox Relay.

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