Forum response - Site breakage troubleshooting

We're sorry to hear that the page doesn't work as expected. In order to look for the root cause, please follow the steps below and provide us with more information to troubleshoot your issue.

Information to provide

  • Do you enable Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) feature? You can check if ETP is enabled through the shield icon on the URL bar.
  • What kind of ETP setting you have? To find out, go to about:preferences#privacy and let us know if you set it to Standard/Strict/Custom.

Check if the issue is caused by ETP

  • Ensure that ETP is enabled for the site and the issue occur when ETP is enabled.
  • Try disabling ETP and see if the problem persists. If the problem disappears after disabling ETP, then go to the next steps. Otherwise, it's not an ETP-related issue.

Check if the issue is caused by Total Cookie Protection (TCP)

WARNING from the moderator team: Changing Firefox pref from the about:config page can sometimes break Firefox or cause strange behavior. You should only do this if you know what you're doing. Please read Firefox Advanced Customization and Configuration Options to learn more.

  • Go to about:config and check if the pref “network.cookie.cookieBehavior” is set at 5, which means that TCP is enabled together with ETP. If the pref value is not 5, then the issue is not TCP-related.
  • Set the pref “network.cookie.cookieBehavior” to 4 and check if the issue still exists. If the issue disappears, then it is a TCP breakage. In that case, you can file a report through Bugzilla or reach out the #anti-tracking team on Matrix.

Check if the breakage is a webcompat issue

  • If your issue is not related to ETP or TCP, proceed to test the page on other browser.
  • If the problem persists in other browser, then it's a general website breakage issue. In this case, you may want to reach out to the website administrator to let them know about the issue.
  • If the page works as expected in other browser, report the issue to Webcompat.

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