Firefox for Android upgrade FAQs

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The Firefox Daylight release brings you the latest version of Firefox for Android, dramatically redesigned to be faster, easy to use, customizable, and private. This article addresses a series of common questions that you might have regarding the Firefox for Android upgrade.

I’m unhappy with the new Firefox for Android: Thank you for giving the new Firefox for Android a try. We're listening to your feedback and are aware that some of you may be experiencing technical issues, missing add-ons, or unhappy with how the browser works or looks.

We’re working hard to make improvements with every release.You can see the full list of improvements we’re working on here. We really appreciate your patience as we work hard to make Firefox for Android better than ever.

Logins: If you have Master Password enabled, please disable it so your logins can be migrated. See this article for instructions.

Primary Password is replacing Master Password. Firefox is removing terminology from the browser that has been identified as derogatory or exclusionary. Learn more about why we’re making this change.

What is the updated Firefox for Android? How is it better and different from the old Firefox for Android?

The updated Firefox includes new features such as Enhanced Tracking Protection, Collections and customization options, such as dark mode and the ability to move the toolbar to the top or bottom of your screen. Its new architecture, codebase, GeckoView engine and Android components give you better performance, deeper privacy settings and features while allowing us to provide you with quick improvements and updates.

How do I get upgraded?

If you meet the following requirements, you’ll be upgraded automatically - no need to do a thing:

  • Automatic app updates are enabled for Firefox for Android
  • You’re on Android 5+
  • You’re on Firefox for Android version 59+

If you’re on an older version of Firefox for Android (59 or below) you won't be upgraded. If you’re on an older version of Android, we recommend upgrading your OS or acquiring a device that supports a newer Android OS to get the new browser.

What happens during the upgrade?


If you meet the requirements (Android 5+ and Firefox for Android 59+), the migration from the Firefox for Android Nightly test version to the new Firefox started in early 2020. The Firefox for Android Beta and general release migrations will follow and the final migration will roll out starting in late July through August 2020.

If you’re on an older version of Firefox for Android (below 59), you won’t be migrated completely. Older versions of Android (below 5) won’t be migrated at all.

Items that will be migrated

  • Open tabs
  • History
  • Bookmarks
  • Firefox Account (your login will migrate to the new browser)
  • Cookies and partial browser cache
  • Top sites
  • Logins (only if you’ve disabled your master password. To remove your master password, see this article)
  • Supported add-ons (note: currently, a limited number of Recommended Extensions are supported. Also, add-ons will be disabled in private mode by default but you can enable them by following these instructions)
  • Default search engines. Custom search engines will need to be set up manually. (Learn more)

What do I get after upgrading?

In addition to better performance and security, you’ll get some of your favorite features from the old Firefox for Android along with some brand new ones that will be available only in the new Firefox. Note: Pocket stories will be available shortly after you upgrade.

See the knowledge base to learn more about other features.

With the updated Firefox's faster release cycle, you can get new features quickly and more easily. Here are the ones that are available now (more are on the way):

Some features are different/missing in the new browser. Will they be added?

We’ll be releasing new features, especially the ones proven to be popular, with every major release.

Can I go back to the old Firefox for Android browser once I upgrade?

No, once you’ve upgraded to the new browser, you won’t be able to return to the old browser. We recommend upgrading to the new browser as the old browser will stop receiving updates in 2020. The new browser will have a faster release cycle so you'll receive new enhancements more frequently. If you’re on an older version of Android (pre-5), you won’t be able to download the new upgrade to Firefox for Android.

What if I choose to stick with an older version?

If you choose to stay on an older version, you won’t receive any security updates, further support or new features.

How do I obtain the latest versions of Firefox after upgrading?

We suggest keeping your browser updated for the latest security and performance enhancements. See Update to the latest version of Firefox for Android to learn how to update.

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