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Welcome, we are thrilled to have you as a contributor to the support. mozilla. org (SUMO) website! It's through your efforts that we are able to provide help to so many Firefox users.

Big things this week

  • Notes and video from this meeting.
  • It was a short meeting but a lot of celebration!
  • Everyone: please help us in testing Persona
  • We have a list with the top contributors of all time, check the etherpad or watch the video to see it! We had a nice celebration!
  • Update on the buddy program and on our Summit planned to unite all SUMO warriors!
  • Contributors of the week: AlicyWyman, philipp, john99, italian team
  • Current SUMO development sprint – 2013.18.
  • Next SUMO meeting - Monday, Sept. 30th - (call in details & meeting notes) at 9:00 am PST. Please add your comments, questions and updates to the etherpad. You can also participate in #sumo during the meeting. We’re going to record and post a video of the meeting.

Contributor Directory

The SUMO team was pioneered by contributors like you who are passionate about web technology and helping people use it.

We use the Contributor forums and groups to manage the organization. Please introduce yourself.

Use the groups list to put faces to names and make contact with group leaders. We also encourage you to register on and add the SUMO tag to your profile.

Communication & Meetings

We use IRC (via Mibbit) for real-time conversations. Refer to the Support meeting wiki page for weekly meeting agendas and details. We'd love to see you there! You might also want to subscribe to the Firefox Support (SUMO) blog for staff blog posts.

Getting Set Up

You can get started as soon as you have registered. Refer to the Superheroes Wanted page for links to step-by-step documentation of our processes.

Roles & Responsibilities

SUMO contributors fulfill the following roles and responsibilities, and many contributors fulfill more than one of these roles, which is why we use the term Superheroes!

Community & Locales

Community Manager - Kadir Topal (topal) leads the Contributors group.

L10N Lead - Leads a localization group.

L1oN Contributor - Helps to localize Firefox Help and notifies the L10N lead of any issues. Help Wanted - many locale groups are made up of one or two people currently, so we'd welcome you warmly!


Project Lead - David Tenser (djst) is responsible for the overall SUMO project strategy and communicating support goals and status across all groups.

Website Lead - James Socol (jsocol) and Ricky Rosario (r1cky) are responsible for overall SUMO web site strategy and communicating website goals and status across all groups and leading the SUMO Developers group.

Support Coordinator - Cheng Wang (cww) is responsible for Desktop Firefox, Ibai Garcia (ibai) is responsible for Services, and Michelle Luna (mluna) is responsible for Mobile Firefox support.

Support Forum

Forum Moderator - Flags and resolves issues with user support as part of the Forum Moderators group.

Forum Contributor - Answers user support questions. Help Wanted - between 100 and 200 questions on the English support forum go unanswered every day, we would appreciate your time to help Firefox users!

Feedback Support - Gathers user feedback from the user support forum and input to get a sense of the main issues and puts them into a quantifiable report. Works with support coordinator and QA to get details on specific product issues. Help Wanted - thousands of users post feedback and questions each week, so we could use a helper to read it and categorize!

Feedback Localizer - Collects all feedback that comes in a non-English language and reports it to the support coordinator for that product. Help Wanted - we want to be sure we don't overlook issues in non-English locales, so this is a great way to support local users in your region!


Army of Awesome Leader - Swarnava Sengupta (Swarnava) leads the Army of Awesome Contributors group.

Army of Awesome Contributor - Responds to tweets about Firefox. Help Wanted - there are so many tweets, 80% or more go unanswered, so your help with this fun support role is needed!


SUMO Content - Michael Verdi (verdi) and Michelle Luna (mluna) are responsible for leading the KB Editors group and KB Reviewers groups.

KB Editor - Helps maintain knowledge base articles that need changes. Help Wanted - our awesome knowledge base provides instructions for multiple Firefox releases on multiple platforms, and we need your help keep it up-to-date and accurate!

KB Reviewer - Approves or defers knowledge base article edits that need review.

Live Chat

LiveChat Coordinator - Matthew Middleton (zzxc) is responsible for leading the LiveChat helpers group.

LiveChat Helper - Answers LiveChat requests one shift per week according to the published calendar.

Contributor Commitments

We ask for a few commitments from contributors. We have different requirements for SUMO staff and contributors.


  • Fulfill the duties of your position as outlined in the Roles & Responsibilities section below
  • Commitment of at least one year
  • Attend one SUMO meeting per quarter and provide a status update
  • Attend one in-person event every two years
  • Let your group leader know if you have a change in circumstances that is impeding your ability to contribute

SUMO staff

  • Fulfill the duties of your position as outlined in the Roles & Responsibilities section below
  • Regularly attend weekly SUMO meetings and provide detailed status on your projects
  • Regularly attend in-person events and work weeks
  • Develop, track and drive quarterly goals for your area
  • Keep the project lead informed of what is happening in your area
    • Report if current contributor level is not adequate to get your duties done
    • If a contributor is becoming unreliable
    • If there are issues you need help with

What if I am having trouble meeting my commitments?

Most of the contributors to SUMO are volunteers with other obligations that could unexpectedly make it hard for them to meet their obligations. If this happens to you, we have recommendations on how to handle it:

  • Remember, you are not alone. Many contributors have been in this situation. No one will be surprised or disappointed to hear that you are having a hard time keeping up.
  • Raise your hand and communicate. The more the rest of your group understands what you are going through, the easier it is for everyone. SUMO is very supportive, you may get more help than you imagined, just by letting people know. If you have to resign, it will be much easier on everyone if you let your group know sooner rather than later.
  • Changes in status aren't permanent. If you need to lighten your load for a few months, that is usually manageable. When you are ready to take on more, we'll be happy to work with you. If you need to resign now, it doesn't mean that you can't rejoin the contributor group when circumstances change.
  • Don't go silent. Disappearing is the worst response for everyone. Your group won't know whether to recruit a replacement or not. It doesn't matter what the reason is, just let us know, so we can help.