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why do i have huge data storage?

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i have 1.36GBs of data in storage, i have cleared cache and everything, removed sync (although never used it after 1st setup as it didn't work on my two PCs and i always have sync off on the phone except if i'm going to update android OS) and i'm about to "clear data" in app settings - storage, but have to get all my wanted bookmarks off the phone first. would like to know why it's so massive. it's been over a gig since before i first noticed it about 4 months ago, my phone is a nexus 4 which i've had for just over a year, using Firefox as primary web app, i've got phoney, fullscreen ,adblock plus and flash video downloader all which i installed at least a year ago. i'm guessing it might have something to do with why sync didn't work on my PCs, as all the bookmarks made it to my phone fine but the PCs would always crash after ages, then i would have to restore the bookmarks with xmarks. i do have over 10 years of PC bookmarks so i'm guessing the file could large causing these issues? if so is there an easy way to remove just the PC bookmarks? In firefox bookmarks they are in a folder but i can't delete any folders just individual bookmarks

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Hi sealedjono,

Thank you for your question, there is a few ways to manage bookmarks in sync, and to answer your question, yes it is possible to delete the bookmarks from just the Bookmarks, show all bookmarks, then sync up after deleting them. If you are much more organized than I am, it is possible to right click on the folder and delete the whole folder too. On the desktop open up Bookmarks > Show all Bookmarks From that menu you can right click on the folder and delete the whole folder. However currently deleting folders the desktop bookmark folder, I was not able to do this.

If you have any other questions, happy to help.

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I have also noticed the data storage on firefox tends to grow, actually to the extreme where the device is reporting being low on storage.

I do upload smaller videos and it seems that the data storage with the size of the file being uploaded. Only solution I have found working is to wipe the data storage from the program manager.