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Firefox support for Windows Phone 8


Mozilla quoted "Firefox has stopped development for Windows Mobile indefinitely. Thank you to our contributors for their continued support and feedback. The last release for Windows Mobile was 1.1 alpha 1 (download). We have stopped developing for Microsoft's mobile platform because Windows Phone 7 no longer allows developers to build C++ applications like Firefox, and Microsoft's new policies ban open-source software like Firefox from the Windows Phone Marketplace."

Will they now start to continue to support Windows Phone 8 because Windows Phone 8 now supports C++


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Although C++ is available now, the statement you provided:
Microsoft's new policies ban open-source software like Firefox from the Windows Phone Marketplace.
So, obviously there won't be one for Windows 8 Phones.

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Open source software is still banned, so nope.

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Gostaria muito de utilizar o Firefox para navegar no Windows phone 8. Espero ansioso pelo lançamento

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That is not true: The Myth of GPL Being Banned in Microsoft Marketplace http://www.summeli.fi/?p=4267

or slashdot article: http://developers.slashdot.org/story/13/01/26/026206/does-microsoft-have-the-best-app-store-for-open-source-developers

or officialy: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/hh694058

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Windows Phone 8 .when do you support it

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It will never be implemented unless Microsoft changes their policies.

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looks like Microsoft has change their policies http://cmsresources.windowsphone.com/devcenter/en-us/legal/Windows-Phone-Store-Application-Provider-Agreement.pdf 4.D, 5.A and 5.E

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Hi all:

I am locking this thread because if Mozilla does decide to support Windows Phone 8 in the future it will be publicized heavily starting first at bugzilla.mozilla.org and wiki.mozilla.org and then moving on to mozilla.org websites. My guess is that it's unlikely this will happen but you never know.