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Input fields are all messed up as far as input is concerned.

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Nexus 10, Android 4.3

If I respond to reddit threads there are times when I hit the text field and it shows a cursor, but as I type the text will not show. The text is being entered and I can see it in the keyboard suggestion. I have to blind type some text, hit the switch app menu and select Firefox again to see what I typed.

It also has a hard time determining where the cursor actually is ( this text box I'm typing in just did this when I tapped a word to edit it ). If I try to move the cursor it seems to be stuck where it last was no matter how many times I click to move it. It visually appears to move, but if I start typing the text replaces or types where I last was. Swapping to the app selection screen and back seems to reset the cursor properly after I tap again.

On top of that, there are times when I close a tab ( I know, not related to slowness,etc.) the content of the closed tab will show up overtop of the tab that should be showing.

Also, it doesn't matter if I set the about:config flag the the smart bar or whatever it's called, touching tre page makes my tab bar slide closed and I want it to remain open like the last version.

This latest version is just really bad and it's starting to piss me off!

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To add... at times, even typing into Google, the whole browser chugs to a standstill and I end up just closing it in frustration.

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Hi Andir:

Didn't know about this problem (or i forgot about it!)

If you are technical and have some time please file a bug at:

if not, i'll take a look and file a bug if necessary for you (although i think we do have a bug on file for this).


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I see two bugs that are not assigned and one has been open for a year. The other is 6 months old...

I've had both of these bugs and sometimes I can get Firefox to respond by switching apps to the application list screen and back to Firefox. Although this doesn't always seem to work and sometimes when doing this, the text is entered, but doesn't appear on the screen until I submit the form and the page refreshes. Usually when it gets to this point, I end up having to kill the app to get it to work properly because of the pointer issue where the input is pointing to the wrong place and typing replaces words or types in the wrong location.

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hi Andir:

I looked at these bugs (810167 and 751238) using my Nexus 10 tablet with Android 4.3 and Firefox 23 and couldn't reproduce either problem (which doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist).

I then registered for reddit and replied to a thread successfully (see )

do you have a way to consistently reproduce the problem in reddit?

if you do that would be super helpful.


...Roland p.s. i will ask the developers about the Android 4.3 Nexus 10 bugs which haven't yet been fixed e.g.

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It normally happens after a while of replying and browsing. I normally read reddit and reply to multiple posts and after probably 5(?) replies it starts acting up. If I hit the switch app button and swipe Firefox away and reload it it will sometimes be fine for a bit. In fact, when I went to reply to this post, I think I may have had Firefox open last night and it opened the reply from email. Upon clicking on the login link, I had changed my password and needed to re-enter it. I selected the password field, entered my password and found out it wasn't showing the entry on screen. I hit switch apps, selected Firefox, and it showed that I just added my new password to the end of the old one. I selected the password field to clear it and the input key board wouldn't render. It covered half the screen like it was going to come up but it was plain black. Switching apps, swiping Firefox away, going to email and reopening the reply link brought Firefox back up and let me login and reply.

TLDR; It seems like a memory leak of some sort. It mostly happens after a while of browsing and entering data in inputs. It's not just reddit. It happens on any page that has inputs.

To add... normally when browsing reddit, I'll long press posts I want to read and open then in new tabs while I scroll down the page, when I get a few pages down, then I'll close the first tab and work my way down the open tabs replying here and there. I'm not sure if it's cause by that but when I witnessed the problem above, that was the only tab I had open... but I don't remember if I was using Firefox last night before going to sleep. (I've been getting frustrated with this bug and been trying the nightly and beta builds, which also act up). I've even resorted going back to Chrome for some browsing but it's bookmarking isn't as easy to use as the Firefox home page and I don't have all my session data there.

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Hi Andir: thanks for the detailed reply.; i wish I had an answer for you other than to try Firefox Auror and Beta and Nighly and see if they work better for you!

I will continue to bug the developers about this. And I will start using my Android Nexus 10 with 4.3 tablet daily as opposed to just once per 6 week release cycle so I can experience these issues myself and file bugs as appropriate.

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And I will try reddit and follow your exact steps to reproduce as well (I am not a fan of reddit but it seems like using it will reproduce the problems more often so I will use it!

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It happens on beta and the nightly builds as well. It isn't just Reddit, but that happens to be the majority of my use. I open multiple tabs (all which could be contributing to some memory leak if it exists) and read various articles. Reddit just happens to be my goto location to see the latest news that I care about and I tend to comment a few times a night.

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hi andir:

the mystery continues: :-)

i always have 5 or more tabs open on my Nexus 10 and added a tab for reddit as well but still haven't seen this problem on nightly, aurora, beta or ff23 but i will keep plugging away

...Roland p.s. you are running the standard Google Android keyboard right? if not which keyboard are you using? (and if you use any other non Google stock standard software please let me know)

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Standard keyboard. The only add-on I have is adblock plus, but I did not put that on the nightly.. or did I... I'll need to verify, but I think if that was causing issues, I'd not be the only one.

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ok kool just to be 100% clear andir :-) I am sure the bug(s) exist, I am just trying to figure out exactly the steps to reproduce so i can file further bugs if need be and /or give developers reproducible steps to reproduce

i will try adblock plus on FF23 release - I don't normally use add-ons because they can break things!

...Roland p.s. The developers have fixed a few android 4.3/nexus 10 issues on firefox 24 so we are making progess! just a few more to fix!

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I am having the same issue ever since I started using Firefox.

Please just try and login on IP Board sites:

It is nearly impossible to login because the light box with the input field is out of range. Other Webkit browsers bypass this by launching an alternative login interface. Opera mobile even displays it just like Firefox on PC.

Another serious issue which I can't understand why it is not getting enough attention is typing on almost any board on this world. The typed text is far too small and zooming in is not an option because Firefox will reset the view once you touch anything else than the keyboard (meaning, you cannot pan through the text!), with the result that one loses the previous position of the cursor.

I hope some one could give a statement to this. this are the only two things that spoil the fun using Firefox on Android.

Thank you

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This is a different issue. The issue you are experiencing is that the floating login form does not take into account changes in screen resolution. There looks to be a non-floating login at

If you need to continue this please start a new topic. Locking a necro'ed thread.