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Does Firefox OS support the use of VPN's?


Simple question, does Firefox OS support the use of VPN's? If not is it a feature that will be added? And if so, when?

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I do not believe that this is possible at this very moment. We are always working to enhance Firefox OS and you can file a bug to get this feature added. You can file a bug here.

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Thanks man, I filed a bug like you suggested. Bug 904919

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I just ordered a ZTE Open and have this very same concern. Hopefully VPN support is added soon.

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Same here, even if it doesn't right now hopefully soon. I want to get away from android but really only looking towards FFOS and UT. More towards the former than the latter.

Dont forget to vote up the issue.


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Thank you for your interest and for purchasing a device! The bug reported has went through some employees. I'm sure that we'll get something done shortly.

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