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How can I add Voice Search while using Google as the search engine like Chrome has for Google Search


While using Chrome and using Google to search the internet there was a microphone I could use to speak the information onto the Search bar. Can this be done with Firefox?

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Firefox doesn't currently have this feature. There is a discussion on this topic in the following support request:

Hello, is there a voice search in Mozilla Firefox like the one in Google Chrome?

If you are using Windows it might be worth having a look at this page on the built in voice features of Windows:

What can I do with Speech Recognition?


I've looked into this a bit more for Windows Speech Recognition. See here for a general demonstration of speech recognition in Windows 7:

Windows 7 Speech Recognition

Then see this video for a more in depth look at how to control a web browser using Windows Speech Recognition:

Free Speech Recognition Tutorial 9

It actually looks like this technique can be far more powerful then just letting you do google searches. You can also open the browser and navigate around the page and access browser features using only voice commands. If you wanted to just use it for searching then that would be completely possible as well.

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