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How to stop Document Expired security message


What is the config setting to stop Firefox putting up the Document Expired message when using the Back button? I don't regard the security 'risk' of automatically reloading the page as being significant.

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backbuttonsucks 0 solutions 10 answers

Did you try this:

go to about:config in location bar

search for browser.sessionstore.postdata

set value to -1

Some people say it doesn't work though. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/922734

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This issue is caused by sites instructing Firefox not to cache the page. When you go back to the page, Firefox honors the site's instructions and requires you to regenerate the request. When it's a POST request, this requires an extra confirmation. Yes, that is annoying.

In many cases, you can work around this by opening links off the page in a new tab or new window.

If that isn't an option, you may need a program to modify the site's instructions (the cache headers) on the fly -- before they are received by Firefox. While it might be possible to do this with a Firefox extension, in a brief search, I didn't see any extensions that mentioned it. In an unrelated forum, I saw a suggestion to use an external proxy application such as Proxomitron.

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I am attaching the HTTP Response Headers for a forum site where going back to your search results displays a Document Expired message. If there is any other way to tell Firefox not to cache the page -- in other words, to force a fresh request every single visit to the page -- I'm not aware of it.

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N.B. Apparently fx21 still in use.

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"I still need to know how to stop the 'document expired' message coming up when I reload certain pages. "

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jrwhart 0 solutions 2 answers

this nuisance occurs when returning to home page from a visited site so I can not see why the visited site would/could object to that

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Hi jrwhart, I don't think the site's goal is to chase you away, but for you always to see fresh information when you load that page. In the case of pages generated by a form submission, Firefox shows warnings instead of reloading automatically. I haven't learned of any workarounds.

jrwhart 0 solutions 2 answers

I have a workaround, get a programmer with a brain to look at the problem saving a return address was a basic function, initially pf3, this crap we are fed about sites objecting to this procedure is just that misinformation to cover up incompetence.