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I LOVE FIREFOX ON MY 3 PC's!!...IT'S THE ONLY BROWSER I USE!!....But I ALSO LOVE MY iPhone 5 ..!!! When will you be available for the iPHONE?...CAN I HELP?


Is there anything I could do to assist FireFox with being available on the iPHONE?...If there is, Kindly let me know and I would love to help!!....Safari is better than Internet EXPLODER BUT NOTHING COMPARED TO FIREFOX!!...I anxiously await your Reply!!...THANKS FOR SUCH AWESOME SOFTWARE!!....I AM AND HAVE BEEN A HAPPY CUSTOMER FOR YEARS!!....TIME FOR APPLE TO LISTEN UP IN MY OPINION!!.....THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE!.....Mr. Paul Godfrey

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Please understand that Firefox is NOT available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone, Windows RT, Bada, Symbian, Blackberry OS, webOS, Android-x86 or other operating systems for mobile:

Please see Will Firefox Work on My Mobile Device for more details.

Thank you.

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Sir, I understand that it is not available for the apple ios system for the iphone. My simple question is i would really like it to be available for the iphone because firefox is amazing software that i use on everything but my iphone. Are there any future plans to expand into the iphone market. If you dont know it's ok to say so, i am just complimenting your companies amazing product and wishing that it was available for the iphone!!...So If the future might take you there please let me know as i would let apple know immediately that they should take a look at firefox!!....THE Best is the best!, And it's not safari!!!....THANK You!...Paul Godfrey

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paghill1, sorry but typing in all Caps is considered shouting and rude.

Due to the Apple restrictions there will not be any Firefox version for iOS using Gecko. Maybe if when Apple changes their restrictions there will be. Otherwise Mozilla might likely have had a version for iOS for a while now if not for the restrictions.

Mozilla does have mobile Firefox for Firefox OS (codename Boot to Gecko) and for Android 2.2+ devices using ARMv7 and v6 and looks like there will be for Android-x86 (Intel) also.