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Cant receive sms, need to change settings



I have received a Firefox Os phone from geeksphone. Seems pretty good, but it freaked me out today. I realized that I am unable to receive sms. I cant even receive from myself, or gmail(2-step authentication). I have never experienced such problems with othe devices from this office.

I need to check the sms settings on the phone but cant find them. Can you help me please or provide any hints?


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Hello, Control cellular and data connections and settings on Firefox OS should help you with this :)

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I am not sure...let me re-phrase the question. I cant receive sms(and probably send) even from myself. So I need to check if the settings for the sms center of my carrier are correct. but there is no such setting in the place you pointed.

Btw, is there any place that I can place it as bug?


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Do you have a SIM card installed? Geeksphone does not ship with a card installed, so you would have had to install it yourself.

I don't think there is a way to access carrier preferences from Firefox OS, but you could sign on to your carrier's site to view settings from there.

You can place a bug on Bugzilla if you continue to have this problem.

Hope I am understanding you correctly this time ;)

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Hi iNerd,

Of course I have a Sim installed. I am not that newbie :P

As I said I am receiving calls and making calls just fine.

In any case, the messages I sent to myself yesterday morning, had been received yesterday night. So, I can receive sms but it still buggy and inconvinient to me and I will report accordingly.


Joshua Smith 22 solutions 139 answers

Please do that, and we will do what we can to fix it.

Have a great day!