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Is there a possibility to download files directly to the external usb drive in Firefox for Android?


I have the Android device that support external usb hard drive, when I want to download some files via Firefox there are only two possible "places" where I can put the files - external memory or SD card. It will be nice if there would be an option to save file on ext. usb drive.

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Roland Tanglao
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Hi Nix_N1:

Yeah I don't know about this and I don't have an Android device that supports USB storage.

What Android device are you using and what operating system (Jellybean? Ice Cream sandwich ?)

I asked the Mozilla QA folks and they said Firefox for Android uses the Android platform download directory so the USB drive *should* show up if it registers properly with Android.

They suggested the following:

  1. removing the SD card and seeing if it shows up in place of the SD card.
  2. perhaps changing the following preference (type "about:config" in the url bar without the quotation marks)


will fix it (WARNING:untested and unsupported but hopefully this might help)

Regardless I suggest filing a bug at (I looked but couldn't find a bug that corresponds to this):


Question owner

Hi, Thanks for reply, I'll try your suggesting asp. I'm using Pivos XIOS DS Media Play which powered by Ice Cream sandwich.