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Why did firefox send data automatically?


Today I updated firefox and now it is version 20.0. While using Internet a message appeared something like "Firefox sent data to Mozilla ----" I wonder how come it could send it without my consent I did not do any changes in the settings?

When I tried to find answer on Firefox help could not find the method to disable this in the settings rather there was an older version example.

Please reply.

Thank you

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Hi makes use as anonymous data, for the firefox check up.

you can stop that

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I'm curious if whatever reported that Firefox sent data could tell you what was sent. This article may shed further light on startup connections: How to stop Firefox from automatically making connections without my permission.

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Oh, maybe you are looking for this new tab:

orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Options > Advanced > Data Choices

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Thank you I am Jayakumars for reply. The url link you have provided is the one I have talked about. It might be from older version not new 20.0 that is why I can not see Orange Firefox button on top left neither the settings in Advance tab.

Thank you

Question owner

First of all thank you for replies. Now, about your question "I'm curious if whatever reported that Firefox sent data could tell you what was sent."

When I was using internet at the bottom a message (I can't recall exactly) such as "Firefox sent data to Mozilla --------improvement" something like that. The message appeared at the Task bar it remained there before I wrote it down it disappeared (may be I clicked the tab).

As this is the first experience from Firefox I was surprised. An other thing I have noticed in every version update, Firefox changes some settings itself. (which is not a big deal for me).

Also the screen shot you have provided is correct one and I wish it should be added to https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/send-performance-data-improve-firefox

I wonder if I am suppose to put check mark on Enable Telemetry? though it is already without check mark.

My request to the Firefox team, please do not let your new update version to change settings itself. When we update Firefox it should tell us about new changes rather just start updating and changing.

Thank you.

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Firefox 20 may now display a bar ASKING if you want to send data. If you don't respond to that bar, it might appear again later, or you can do what you did and check the settings. I think at this point, we don't know exactly which message appeared and it might be impossible to re-create.

I think I posted a suggestion somewhere about updating that article with the new screen shot, so that should come at some point.

Regarding what's changed in an update, yes, it would be fantastic to have a version-specific update page instead of the generic one. The information currently is scattered around. We need some volunteers to pull it together and get it integrated into the process. I don't know whether that can be done in time for Firefox 21, but if you're interested, Mozilla is always looking for volunteers to pitch in.

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Thank you for reply.