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Sync - Lost my Droid master software security device password but don't know if resetting will affect my home computer too.


I lost my Droid Firefox Master Software Security Device password but I don't know if resetting my Droid Master password will also affect my home Firefox on my home computer too. Please confirm that only my Droid passwords will be affected. BTW my Master Security Device password works on my Firefox home computer, so apparently the Droid and my home computer do have two different passwords and function.

Also, when I try to reset my Master Software Security Device password on my Droid by typing in: chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul, it asked me if I want to proceed but there is no button to select to say OK. What's up with this? Does this command only apply to my home computer and not to Droids?

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Is that your master password to use saved logons in Firefox? That's a good question, whether Sync will copy that change to your desktop Firefox. To attract more attention to your question, could you edit the subject line to start with Sync?

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Thanks Jscher2000. It is my master password that is used to save my passwords that I am writing about. I modified the Subject line by adding Sync. Also, revised my wording to be clear that there are 2 different devices that I'm talking: one is my Droid and the other is my home computer.

My second question is important because at the moment I'm stuck since I cannot go any further on resetting my Droid password.

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Master password on Firefox for Android and Desktop Firefox are two different things.

You would need to use the Android application settings to reset Firefox. Or you can uninstall and reinstall Firefox. This will remove all Firefox history, bookmarks, passwords, cookies, etc. from the mobile device.

You then will be able to choose a new master password.

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Thank you kbrosnan.

Can you help me more by specifically explaining how to reset by using the Android application settings rather than uninstalling Firefox?

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I think he might mean this:

Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Firefox > Clear Data

Note that this will clear your bookmarks.

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Thanks jscher2000 and kbrosnan. I'll try doing this, this coming weekend when I have time to reload all my information again AND if to see if I can establish a new Software Security Password. I'll let you know how it goes.

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I decided to uninstall and reinstall Firefox on my Android. I am now trying to setup Firefox Sync between the 2 devices. I had already done this on my home computer in the past so when I tried pairing I get a window on my home computer showing the 3 codes to enter into my Android. BUT, when I select "Pair a Device" Sync on my Android it also shows 3 codes of its own and I cannot enter the codes from my home computer onto my Android because cannot be overwrite the codes that are already on my Android.

Please help with this issue. Thanks.

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I think I succeeded. I went into Tools>Options>Sync selected "Pair Device" and that same window came up but with nothing inside the 3 code boxes this time. I entered the code from my Android into those boxes and my Android is now downloading my bookmarks, etc. I haven't confirmed the results yet since it takes awhile to complete the download but things are looking good so far.  : )

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Success!  : )