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Why is there always "0 bytes" in Cache in Control Panel? It never increases, yet the stored data size continues to increase.


This is annoying. I just updated to version 19 almost a week ago and still Firefox never seeks to keep anything in "Cache". After using firefox for a few days, it crashed a couple times already and now the browser randomly freezes (to the point to where my screen on/off button wont even respond). After maybe a few seconds...things will start moving, but sluggish to where I have to shut down FF in my task manager. There us "0" bytes cache shown, but stored data is at 70MB. I went into firefox and cleared cache via the settings but that did nothing. There is still 70MB of stored data and of course it alwats shows 0 bytes cache. What's up with that? Am I going to have to "Clear Data" just to fix this and lose my bookmarks and logins tet again?

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I think it's possible that Firefox, while emptying some database files, is not compacting them, so they continue to consume the same amount of "disk" space as they did before. On desktop versions of Firefox, you can use extensions such as the following for that purpose, but I don't know whether any such thing is available for mobile. Also, it would be nice to have it built in.

Unfortunately, in a quick search, I do not see a general purpose Android SQLite app that will runs on Firefox profile databases without root access (unless they are on the SD card, which seems highly doubtful).

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See, there is cache , then there is this so called smart cache. The normal cache always stays at 0 no matter how many times I have checked it. Even in previous versions of FF. However, the stored data size adds up over time. I think the smart cache is stored in that data and cannot be emptied. I believe it is the fault of bad packets of data, particularily .jsp files. I go to the full facebook and that runs so much javascript. FF needs a way to clear these stored .jsp files. I think some of them go corrupt when the browser crashed these last couple of times. And no, it did not even prompt to send a crash report. Just suddenly went to homescreen and killed the browser process.