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Installing Firefox (latest) deletes Thunderbird (latest) on my Win7 64 system. Have been running this combination for years without problems, until now.


When Firefox bombs Thunderbird, I re-install Thunderbird and it bombs Firefox. When I say "bombs" I mean that the Thunderbird quicklaunch icon turns into a generic icon and Thunderbird will not run. The same thing happens when I have Firefox running and I install Thunderbird. I ran a malware scan using Malwarebytes and Norton and my system is clean. I am able to run both Chrome and IE 10 without issue. I'm stumped and would be grateful for your suggestions. I'm running a dual boot Win 7 and 8 system without issue except for this. I have not tried this on the Windows 8 partition, as i use Windows 7 almost exclusively. The only other thing I can think of is that this is a relatively new computer build and I used MozBackup to transfer my e-mail files and contacts from my old computer to Thunderbird and Firefox to the new build. Not sure if that could be the cause of the problem I'm experiencing.

Thanks, Rich

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Try installing FFX Portable from portableapps.com

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Try installing FFX Portable from portableapps.com

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Are you installing both to the default location? Or are you doing a custom installation?

How are you handling the dual boot? Are you attempting to share your Firefox and Thunderbird Profiles with both partitions?

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Thanks cyborg4. Your solution works! Now both Thunderbird and Firefox live together in peace.

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Thanks for your reply edmeister. I am not installing both to the default location (C drive), which is the relatively small SSD drive on which I've installed Windows 7 and 8. I'm custom installing to E drive, which holds all my programs and music. I've not done anything special with the dual boot; the windows boot loader detected both operating systems and created a boot menu at startup. I'm not sure if I'm sharing the Firefox and Thunderbird profiles with both partitions. All I know is to get a single program to work on both partitions (operating systems) I have to install it twice, once in each operating system, on my E drive. I guess this registers the program with each operating system, but it installs only one copy of Firefox, for example, as best I can tell. So maybe I am sharing something between both partitions. Don't know how else to do it. Even though installing the portable version of Firefox per cyborg's suggestion works, I'm interested in getting the regular version of Firefox working.

Curtis Parfitt-Ford 35 solutions 315 answers

Could you please mark my reply as an answer because it will show on my profile. Thanks!

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Cyborg--marked as "chosen solution." Is this what you wanted? Thanks, again, for your help. Rich

Curtis Parfitt-Ford 35 solutions 315 answers

Yes. Thanks! :)