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While editing text, the cursor randomly jumps to the end of the paragraph while typing, forcing me to have to re-position the cursor again.....and again


It's quite frustrating. But with touchscreen keyboards, i'm always editing text to fix my typos. But with the last two versions of Firefox, they have introduced yet another typing bug. I will place the cursor halfway up into a paragraph to fix a typo or add a few words etc.. often times, especially when I backspace to delete a few characters, the cursor suddenly jumps to the very end of the paragraph at the bottom, often deleting the last couple of characters at the end ....irritating! It doesn't always do this, but it is quite frequent.

Does ver. 19 address this problem or no?

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  • Shockwave Flash 11.1 r115


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Close the Firefox fully, Not even in running background and give a try.

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I have this problem also. problem is not present with chrome.

essentially when I type the first letter in Firefox, usually in the Google search field, I will get a double letter.

what's more is this double letter will be in front of the cursor. this then requires me to attempt and tap in front of the letter to delete it. this is where the cursor jumping will insist on jumping the cursor anywhere except in front of the offending double letter, which makes it impossible to delete the offending letter until I type more and randomly get the cursor to jump to the end of the input field.

this has made Firefox unusable to me. it was the best android flash supported browser but now that this is happening I just choose not to even use the device.