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How are user-entered MIME applications defined to open certain file types. This used to be standard in browsers.


In the not-terribly-recent past, browser Preferences allowed users to create associations between a file type (really, a file extension indicating its type) with an application used to run that type of file. Firefox seems to have buried this (on the Mac) in ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/... ;in which seem to be an xml file.

Is it possible to edit this xml file directly, and if so, where in the xml file should a new entry be placed, and what is the explicit syntax of an entry (other than obviously copying present entries)?

These used to be called MIMEs.

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hello, this is sored in a file named mimeTypes.rdf inside your profile folder. for more information please refer to http://kb.mozillazine.org/MimeTypes.rdf.

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hello, this is sored in a file named mimeTypes.rdf inside your profile folder. for more information please refer to http://kb.mozillazine.org/MimeTypes.rdf.

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I am trying to use a rather older programming language called Mozart, an extension of OZ. I installed it as a binary, but instead of storing its component binaries in a place like /usr/local/oz/bin/. they are all enclosed inside the /Applications/Mozart.app/Contents/Resources/bin/. which cannot be opened nor can a soft link be made to it located outside the Mozart.app wrapper.

The only alternative is to try to edit the mimeTypes.rdf files, and give it the full path name to the inside of Mozart.app were the program used for web applications is stored. It is stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Mozart/, which can only be accessed in more recent Mac OS X by going to finder and holding the Option key while opening the Go menu; this will make the ~/Library visible and accessible.

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To add to my previous post: ~/Library is also visible with M-x dired in Emacs or Aquamacs. I suspect I shall have to attempt to compile Mozart from source, which will put the binaries in the usual place /usr/local/oz/bin or, optionally, /opt/local/oz/bin

Then it is a problem of how to edit this with Firefox, as was asserted to be possible in http://kb.mozillazine.org/MimeTypes.rdf Perhaps under Tools|Developer menu there is something I am missing...