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Firefox for Android 4.0.3 on Asus Transformer hangs/jitters


On the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T -- Android 4.0.3, Firefox is very slow (compared to PC loading same page) all too frequently starts to jitter flash on and off followed by blank screen after I try to enlarge the screen or scroll. I cleared firefox cache, restarted (showing same page), and left it alone for a minute or two - it starts to flash all by itself, goes blank. I can repeat the problem on this page http://theweathernetwork.com/weather/caon0405 Video showing the symptoms: http://www.manotick.net/P1010935sm.mp4 I exited (back) and started it again to display another page and this one is BLACK. Reload still black. After exiting again, my home screen hung with error "Launcher is not responding..." In "Active Apps" I discovered firefox still running and forced it to exit. Firefox is now removed and using Chrome. What would cause this?

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Try in Firefox Beta

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I found this page about Firefox not working with Tegra 2 - I assume there is a problem with Tegra 3 too. :( [http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/why-cant-firefox-mobile-play-flash-o...] Thanks for the reply - I will try the beta.

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Tried beta and it is much better - only got the flashing once (facebook.com) Yes it hung and I had to force close it.

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If the device has a Tegra 2 cpu, there is a known conflict preventing Flash from working properly.


Some examples for reading only as Bugzilla is not a discussion forum.

Bug 703056 - Disable Flash on Tegra2 devices running Gingerbread because it doesn't paint 
Bug 777746 - Remove Tegra blacklist for Flash 
Bug 736421 - crash in mozilla::AndroidLayerRendererFrame::DrawForeground @ CgDrv_Create on MB860, LG-P990 and LG-P999 (Tegra2 + ICS)

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As I said it's a Tegra 3 (not 2) and I had assumed Flash was the problem. As a long-time fx user I'll stay with Beta just to help test it.  ;)

I'm on my 3rd android, all very different, and marvel how anyone writes crash-free apps. Fx is certainly not the only app that force closes on this device.