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Reader view on Firefox for Android may strip away images, ads, videos, and menus from some web pages, so you can focus on reading. Through the reader view, you can change the font type, increase or decrease the font size and change the background color. Reader view is only available for articles, blog posts and other web pages that can be simplified.

See an article in Reader view

  1. Open a web page that can be simplified.
  2. Tap the Reader view icon on the navigation bar.
    This icon will only appear for certain types of web pages, such as articles and blog posts.
    • The page will load in reader view mode and the Reader view icon will change color.
  3. To return the web page to normal mode, tap the Reader view icon again or tap the device's Back button.

Change the Reader view Appearance

While in Reader view mode, you can change the page's appearance:

  1. Tap the menu button. Settings icon - address bar - Fenix

  2. Select Customize reader view to show the Reader view controls.
    • Tap Sans serif to change the font to Sans serif.
    • Tap Serif to change the font to Serif.
    • Tap icon to decrease the font size.
    • Tap + icon to increase the font size.
    • Tap one of these options to change the Reader view background color:
      • Dark: Changes the background color to black; the text changes to white.
      • Sepia: Changes the background color to a reddish-brown.
      • Light: Changes the background color to white.
  3. Tap the device's Back button or in the article to close these controls.

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