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I installed Advanced Care for XP and it wiped out my history without any advanced warning. Is my history saved anywhere for me to restore it?


I have since removed Advanced Care and restored my computer to pre installation of that program, but my history is still not there. I have a backup of my Bookmarks which I thought included my history as well, but it does not. Is there any way to restore my history? Thank you.

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check this

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Thank you. Unfortunately this didn't answer my needs. . . in review it did not restore History on Firefox . . .

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The answer unfortunately is that unlike bookmarks Firefox itself makes only one copy of History.

Most users consider History important (it is utilised in location bar suggestions for instance). You should take steps to back it up yourself.

There may be add-ons that help. Or manually make a copy of

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Thanks john99. I figured as much since it wasn't with the Bookmarks, which I believed it to be. I will try your suggestions.

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If your History has already been cleared there is not really any chance of getting it back unless you already have your own backups.

I used a file recovery utility recuva once to get some deleted files back. Not sure if it works where the objective is to recover a previous version of a file but I suppose it is worth investigating.

Even if you only get part of the history back, and only as text converted to a HTML list it may still have value to you.

If you do try it and use a deep scan note that the file you are after is places.squlite and will have been in your Firefox Profile. You can find the location of your profile quickly by using

  • Help -> Troubleshooting Information [Show profile] (or similar wording)

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