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I just want babylon go away forever or Ill change my browser


I have tried everything to get rid off Babylon but it insists in came back as a leech, a desease or a begger... I lost many time reading the help orientations, changing preferences, unistalling... but it suddenly appear. I simply hate it. I would like to know if Mozzila will keep this nuisance in future versions, so I´ll change my browser...

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  • VLC media player Web Plugin 2.0.0
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  • DRM Netscape Network Object
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  • Npdsplay dll


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Please see How to remove the Babylon toolbar, home page and search engine

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Did you read what I have posted? I told I have done EVERYTHING (which includes "see How to remove the Babylon toolbar, home page and search engine") but it comes back. I dont know what Firefox are gainning doing that Babylon partnership. Maybe running for Lost of Popularity. By the way. I have already changed my browser... It will be VERY difficult to come back again. Im pleased now and call everybody to do the same.

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Hi Marcus, believe me, it's not Mozilla's idea for you to have Babylon software on your computer.

When clearing out the software, other users have reported on these forums that you need to be on the lookout for programs with innocuous names such as:

Browser Manager
Object Installer
(Example: I found a fix for Babylon!)

Only after you get all the remnants of Babylon software off the system can you effectively prevent them from changing your Firefox configuration again.

What is your new browser that you enjoy more than Firefox, and why?

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The Firefox browser from Mozilla most certainly does not come with anything Babylon in any version of Firefox for any OS.

Babylon claims it is easy to remove their crap when it is not.

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Babylon is not an idea of Firefox's. We hate it when this happens to users like you. Please see what jscher2000 has recommended. Thanks!

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marcusfigueiredo Hey

please try to visit our removal page for firefox: http://www.babylon.com/uninstall_search/firefox

let us know if you have managed, anyhow please write us to Support@babylon.com we will assist you further more if needed

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