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Firefox Android crashes and reboots system when loaded, also reboots system when attempting uninstall


Running Firefox currently build (not the Beta) with 4.2.1 on a Nexus 10.

Firefox crashes and reboots the Nexus 10 when it is loaded. I also can't even uninstall Firefox as that crashes and causes the system to reboot too.

Absolutely maddening.

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meter1060 3 solutions 27 answers

Hi thanks for your report. Can you try running Firefox Nightly (Which is version 21) and tell us if that still crashes your Nexus 10? If it does I suggest filing a bug report at bugzilla.mozilla.org

Question owner

I wiped the entire Nexus 10 and reinstalled everything *except* Firefox and the system is running fine. (I'd also had the Firefox Beta installed at one point and had uninstalled it a few months ago.)

I'll bookmark this thread and remember it *if* I decide to reinstall any ffox version. Since it was so painful to recover I'm not excited about having any mozilla code on my Android devices just now.

meter1060 3 solutions 27 answers

I'll file a bug for you then and I'll link it here.

Question owner

Much thanks! I'll try installing the Beta in a few weeks and report back either way.

AaronMT 31 solutions 241 answers

We need a crash report; when you crash, you submit a crash report. Visit about:crashes in the browser and let us know the ID of the report you submitted.

Question owner

If I reinstall I will try and post a crash report.

In this current case, the crash was so bad that it rebooted my whole android system and locked it up. The only way to get the system working again was a complete wipe and reinstall. As you can guess, with a complete reinstall there's no crash log or about:anything to pull up.

perfectreign 0 solutions 3 answers

I just noticed this a few days back on my N10. Pretty much any page will simply cause the device to reboot. I am suddenly at the unlock screen (the device is encrypted.)

Where do I find the crash logs?

Question owner

I had to do a hard reset and therefore reinstall everything, so I didn't have any crash logs left to find after the reinstall.

I feel your pain!

perfectreign 0 solutions 3 answers

Ugh, trying to uninstall FF simply causes the device to reboot. This is not good.

Found a series of pages that makes me think this may be an Android issue that Google must handle.


I used Firefox mostly because Chrome doesn't handle Flash, which I still really need, but can't wait to get rid of.

meter1060 3 solutions 27 answers

Helpful Reply

In order to get crash reports for firefox navigate to about:crashes in the browser, there should be a list in there.

perfectreign 0 solutions 3 answers

Thank you.

Turns out this is/was an Android problem disugised as Firefox problem. Google has a thread about here where Nexus 10 and 4 devices are all affected.