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i try again also, now i found my Firefox profile directory

Q1: there are many crash reports in there can i delete them all? as i have reset.

Q2: is there a way to backup bookmarks automatically e.g. once a week?

Q3: What link is best learning on getting the purpose of "sessionstore.js" and so session manager addon, and the console?

so i learn how to better troubleshoot my ffox issues and avoid reset.


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Are you still getting a crash? if you aren't getting crashes then you can delete the crash Reports (of course you can delete them whenever)

Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles

What do you want to learn about sessionstore.js?

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q1: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Mozilla_Crash_Reporter#Location_of_crash_reports

q2: firefox is creating a daily backup of your bookmarks (for the last 10 days) already - see Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer

q3: see http://kb.mozillazine.org/Session_Restore

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hi: can you please tell me where ive specified to ffox to "

firefox is creating a daily backup of your bookmarks (for the last 10 days) already"

also, i dont know what this is?

- see Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer 

I am not restoring. I wanted to know make sure my bookmarks are backed up automatically. It seems they are (thanks for telling me). But how did i do that?

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for 1) Crash Reports Thanks for link. That helps me understand what is in the crashreport. But it does not tell me if i can delete them or not?

My logic was as ive had to reset, they would be irrelevant now - correct? So i can delete them all

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Am I still getting Crashes? i wont know as ive just reset. so how can i know if i will get the same performance again. The last crash report was dated 13 days ago.. the performance went really bad last 2 days.. (when i could type faster than ffox could keep up in writing an online form)...

i want to under sessionstore in context to me as user. why it went bad. why it caused all these problems. what i need to do differently so i dont cause whatever i inadvertedly caused, again.

sessionstore is what ffox help guided me to before the reset.

so I need to understand how ffox works more (e.g. sessionstore and console), so i can keep backup of all my bits of configuration and if need be manually migrate, should it ever happen again.

i have added the 2 new apps in these area: > session manager > console

now I was looking for the guide in "context" from an end user perspective. if one exists.


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Helpful Reply

Firefox stores the bookmarks and the browser history in places.sqlite and no longer uses an HTML file or creates an HTML backup for the bookmarks.
There are 10 daily rotating JSON backups in the bookmarkbackups folder within the Firefox profile folder, one for each day that Firefox is started.

You can make Firefox create an automatic HTML backup (bookmarks.html) when you exit Firefox if you set the browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML pref to true on the about:config page.

That backup is created by default in the profile folder as bookmarks.html, but you can set the file name and path via the browser.bookmarks.file pref on the about:config page.

The browser.bookmarks.file pref doesn't exist by default and you need to create a new String pref with the name browser.bookmarks.file and set the value to the full path of the backup bookmarks file.

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