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Are there any plans to build a version of Firefox for Nokia Lumia 920's Windows Phone ?


I'v read a bit for the problems with Windows Phone 7 but I couldn't find anywhere someone asking for compatibility with Windows Phone 8. Could anybody help me, please? I've read that you need a NDK and GPL to develop a version for Windows Phone and to publish it on Market. Is this for WP8 a problem, too? Becaus it woud be awesome to have a Firefox browser for my mobile.

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AaronMT 31 solutions 241 answers

There are currently no plans to support Windows phones.

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https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Platforms Windows Mobile

   ...We have stopped developing for Microsoft's mobile platform because Windows Phone 7 no longer allows developers to build C++ applications like Firefox, and Microsoft's new policies ban open-source software like Firefox from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Is this for Windows Phone 8 so, too?

lucas.werkmeister 0 solutions 2 answers

WP7 not supporting native code is the only reason I found cited that there is no Firefox for WP. However, as far as I understand, Windows Phone 8 does allow native code again. Any comments?

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WP does not allow C/C++ code to be run on the device. Only Microsoft's managed language C# or other Visual Studio languages can be used.

lucas.werkmeister 0 solutions 2 answers

kbrosnan: Source? Because Wikipedia says "Native code support (C++), allows for simplified porting from platforms such as Android [...]" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Phone_8#Other_Features)