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Running Firefox 6.1.8 on a Mac with OS 10.4.11. My bookmarks have disappeaed .json files are blank. Any ideas how I can retreive bookmarks?


I am running Firefox 3.6.18 on Mac OS 10.4.11. My precious bookmarks have disappeared. I find that the j.son documents in the bookmark back up file are blank. I have tried to access the places.sqlite files in profiles but they appear as jumbled code (some bookmarks from Safari are however there).Does anyone have any ideas how I can retrieve my bookmarks? I'm not technical so layman's terms would be appreciated.

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Hello Shona37a, if you have the places.sqlite file probably you are ok. the places.sqlite file can be edit with SQLite Manager or a specialized editor BUT you can move it to a new profile, see informatinos in the above link.

also think if you must go to TenFourFox for PowerPC's running Mac 10.4.11 & 10.5.8 , it is more secure from your 3.6.18 that is unsupported.

EDIT : Copying files between profile folders


thank you

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