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Why does sync introduce about 6000 entries into my Unsorted Bookmarks folder?


I have between 10,000 and 20,000 bookmarks divided into 7 top level folders and many subfolders on a 64-bit Win7 PC running 32-bit Firefox 17.0. All folders are cleanly arranged under the Bookmarks Toolbar and no entries appear in Unsorted Bookmarks. The bookmark system itself works fine. However, when I sync to a 32-bit Win8 PC running same version of FF, only about half of my top level folders are transferred, plus I end up with about 6000 bookmarks (including many duplicates and subfolders) in the previously empty Unsorted Bookmarks folder on the Win8 PC. My total storage on the FF sync server is only about 6.4MB, well below the limit. I tried resetting sync and starting over several times, but I always get similar results. Is there an upper limit on the number of bookmarks which sync can reliably handle, or some other issue here?

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Hi, is there a way to look at the files in the Firefox server, that should allow us to know if the sync was correct or not, in Xmarks I was able to do so and I think it could also be a great idea in Mozilla Sync .

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Hello TEEH,

I agree it would be useful to directly view what is on the server, but someone from Mozilla must enable that. Probably won't happen. It is very frustrating that we also do not get any indicators as to what is going on in real time.

Today I used a *.json backup file from my Win7 source to put identical clean bookmark structures on my two PCs (about 11,500 bookmarks on each) and verified the bookmarks worked as expected on both machines. I then closed my FF sync server account, opened a new one, paired the Win8 target to the Win 7 source, and requested that the Win 7 PC copy its bookmarks to the Win8 PC using Options>Sync>Manage Account>Reset Sync...>Replace all other devices with this computer's data. The end result was that all desired folders on the target Win 8 PC were erased and about 5,500 bookmarks were scrambled in its Unsorted Bookmarks! Further attempts at syncing did not correct matters. The Win 7 source remained intact.

So my guess is that things are messed up on the sync server and garbage gets transferred to the target. Maybe they intentionally give low priority to new accounts with large numbers of bookmarks in order to keep the majority of other customers happy. Could also be a Win7/Win 8 thing, a Version 17.0 bug, or pilot error (unlikely).

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