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Using FireFTP, how do I create a new folder on Web site ?


I have used many FTP programs but new user to FireFTP.

FireFTP works pretty good but how do I: (1) Upload a new sub folder and files from my computer to my Web site ? and/or (2) How do I create a new folder on my Web site that I can add files to ?

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Hello michael.royce, see : http://en.flossmanuals.net/firefox/ch028_fireftp/


thank you

Question owner

I can upload files fine BUT I can not seem to add a sub folder and its files OR I can not create a sub folder on my Web site (1&1.com).

I did complete the task with FTP FileZilla so I know it is not a 1&1 problem.

I needed another FTP program because FileZilla does not work well with Windows8 PRO (FileZilla times out after uploading 8MB or so).