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It is possible to switch immediately to the new tab when I open a link in a new tab


When I open a link in a new tab, Firefox does not switches to the new tab!

Is there an option like desktop firefox? tools -> options -> tabs -> "switch to new tab immediately"

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Do these prefs exist on the about:config page?

  • browser.tabs.loadInBackground [false]
  • browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground [false]

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I have added the two prefs (since they do not exists) but it not works. Thanks anyway

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If I choose "open in a new tab" from the bookmark tab it works.... It does not work when opening a new tab from a web page lik

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The browser is pretty much unusable without this. I added those two fields to the about:config page and I can't get the new tab to be switched to when opening from a link OR when opening from a bookmark.

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To change this, go to a new tab, enter 'about:config' into the address bar and locate 'browser.tabs.loadInBackground'.

Then change this to 'false' and it will work! :)


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As already stated, it doesn't work. I have filed a bug in bugzilla.



Brent212 0 solutions 3 answers

Yeah, that doesn't work.