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Does Firefox Mobile even support user styles?


Hi there, I am desperately trying to find a solution for this. I want to create a user style for a website because it looks like a mess on mobile browsers. I've already done this on my desktop browser, then uploaded it to userstyles.org.

Now I tried to install Stylish on my mobile Firefox (10.0.5 and the new Beta Firefox 14.0b6 I think). While this already didn't work perfectly (probably not supported, but I thought mobile and desktop FF's are starting to merge?), I managed to install it somehow. Now I still can't install a userstyle because it won't detect the addon (I changed the user agent to something desktop-ish). I also tried it with a greasemonkey script, but I'm also stuck there.


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Stylish 1.3b1 adds support for Firefox Mobile. Test it out!

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Leo McArdle 10 solutions 38 answers

Hey tibi,

Unfortunately, there isn't currently a Stylish add-on available for Firefox for Mobile, and the Stylish add-on for Firefox for Desktop won't work with Mobile.

In future, though, there may be an add-on, and you should occasionally check out the Mobile Add-ons site to see if there is one. However, doing a quick search I found a forum thread from this time last year, with the author of the Stylish add-on stating that making a mobile version was "not at the top" of his list of things to do. Here's the forum thread, if you're interested.

So, to answer your question, currently, no, Firefox for Mobile doesn't support user styles. (As far as I'm aware, if anyone wants to correct me on this please go ahead :)

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Hi leo_, thanks for your reply, that's a pity indeed :(

I found out that it is somewhat possible with Opera Mobile. Since I'm pretty undecided when it comes to mobile browsers, that will do for now.

Hopefully Mozilla will implement something similar in future versions and not rely on Stylish as an extension, they did similarly with the developer tools, even though Firebug is perfectly fine.

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Stylish 1.3b1 adds support for Firefox Mobile. Test it out!

Question owner

Awesome, thanks for supporting the mobile browser, Jason! :)

Just donated 8 dollars for stylish. Great help for floaters in vision with global dark. Life changed.

Obviously Dolphin does some things better like the last pass add on. For this i use the choose browser app to pass the url. Works a charm then back to style sheet Bliss.

Thanks you cunning bastards.