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Google Maps refresh of Satellite slow & blurry


In Google Maps website, when viewing Satellite images and zooming in and out or panning a lot, the display will often start updating very slowly for 30s to several minutes. The tiles that make up the image redraw from the center outwards as the same blurry low res image all the while the CPU has gone 100% on the Firefox task. Eventually all tiles update when a sudden quick refresh to the detailed tiles takes place. Network download happens mid way thru the initial slow tile refresh and is well over long before the final redraw of the detailed images.

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Acrobat,GEarth,GUpdate,Jave Deloy,Java SE,Quicktime,Shockwave,Silverlight,VLC


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More Information

Seems to happen in the evenings (UK time) - can network be affecting this?
CPU is slow - Sempron 2600+
Graphics card ancient - Nvidia 32M beasty
Doesn't happen in latest Chrome v19.0.1084.52

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typical screen mid-way thru blurry slow redraw

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