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How do I get rid of the complitly search bar...I've tried everything I can think of. Is it a malware?


It is just a search bar in upper right hand corner. I did not install it and cannot delete it. I saw it mentioned on the internet that it might be connected with a malware. I don't remember where I found a list of search bars but I even clicked on the box to remove the 'complitly' search bar but nothing happened. I have used several scanners looking for malware but nothing shows up.

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Try the recommendations here: Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware

Also, even after removing things from your computer it could still have an extension installed. See Disable or remove Add-ons for instructions.

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Hi there,

Our applications are in no way harmful. We follow a very strict and user-facing privacy policy on our site. The service itself is ad-free and focuses on features that empower users’ search and enhance the experience.

If you're still looking to disable the service, we’ve made it easy with detailed instructions on our support page at: http://Complitly.com/howtoremove.aspx


Complitly Support

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The uninstall obviously dosent work mate otherwise the forums wouldnt be full with manual uninstall instructions. Complitly is malware that installs without confirmation and purely hinders any search you do online. It wont get off my pc for over 6 months now and honestly can say have ruined my day.

Complitly is a virus.