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how can I activate AVG antivirus add on with firefox version 10 as this is my protection?


I have AVG antivirus software as an add on - this worked with the previous version of firefox but no longer works with version 10. I use to find the information as to the safety of sites a major help as to whether to visit the sites or not. Is there any way I can reincorporate the AVG add ins or is there an alternative?

I have also lost HP smart web printing - is there a way I can re-instate or is there an equivalent?

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Hi gramandy-

Recently there have been issues when upgrading Firefox if the add-ons were not compatible. So now they make sure to tell you when add-ons are not compatible with the latest version- so you aren't surprised when they do not work. Unfortunately it is up to the creator of the add-on to make it compatible with Firefox, the browser can only tell you what is intended to work.

I am not familiar with alternatives to AVG or HP smart web printing. Perhaps you can browse the add-ons site to see if you can find something similar?

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gramandy -- FYI, both AVG Safe Search and HP Smart Web Printing has not been compatible with FF since FF 9.0. I doubt they are going to fix them anytime soon since it has been so long (AVG has come up couple of program updates since then and the add-on still hasn't been fixed). And also since they are both released by specific company, I doubt you can find any other add-ons to replace them.