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How do I disable html form login credentials from caching/saving?


I have included multiple modifications to the user.js file (SLES11, firefox-3.6.16-0.2.1) to acheive most of my requirements, but I cannot find the about:config setting that prevents usernames (and passwords depending on the setting chosen) from saving.

I have been using about:config to confirm the setting in pref.js then I change the setting back to the default in about:config, and add the appropriate config line to user.js rather than have it set in pref.js

The information I found online directs me to Edit --> Preferences, but this configuration needs to be written for use in a base image to be distributed.

Chosen solution

user_pref("signon.rememberSignons", false);

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I have tried to modify:
to no avail.

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Chosen Solution

user_pref("signon.rememberSignons", false);

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Thanks, it looks like I need that and a couple more.

This solved my issue:




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You're welcome.

The pref signon.prefillForms was used in Firefox 2.
Firefox 3+ uses signon.autofillForms

Firefox 4+ also has security.password_lifetime for the master password.