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Just downloaded Firefox 4 on Windows Vista 32-bit and its not working at all.


So I just downloaded Firefox 4 on Windows Vista 32-bit, and it's not working at all. I open up Firefox and there is not tab bar, and all the command buttons are repeated 3 times, and are on 3 different bars. This only happens with Firefox 4 and not Firefox 3.6.10. Also, when I go the menu bar and I try to click soething, nothing happens. I'm not sure why this is going on. Help anyone? Here is a link to a screenshot of my browser.


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This happened

Every time Firefox opened

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Three Weeks Ago


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egrogg 0 solutions 4 answers

I have this too, but doesn't even startup now? I downgraded to the previous version and all is OK. I also have a 64 bit version of Vista and it seems to work "a-OK" on that machine.

Seems to me to be 32-bit issue.

Editing this post:

I just seen a possible answer...Do you have roboform installed (in the taskbar also)? If so, try disabling it or removing it and try to start again. I said above that I have 2 units and on the one (32-bit) I have Roboform installed and it crashes, but on the other one I don't...so go figure.

According to the report I read, if you upgrade Roboform it should be OK, although I have not tested as of yet...I am still at work...

Hope that helps...

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