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How secure is it to save passwords on a portable firefox version?


Hi there,

I would like to use the portable version (portableapps) of firefox 4.0 and store it in in my dropbox. that way I have it with me all the time and have a synced version (with regard to add-ons and everything else) of firefox everywhere.

Is it save to store passwords in forefox or could someone with access to the folder where my portable firefox version is installed (i.e. dropbox employees or in case of a security breach at dropbox) then somehow read my passwords?

I would of course use a master password.

How save a the passwords stored? are they encrypted? how?

Else - is there a way to sync installed add-ons among different firefox installations? I can sync passwords and bookmarks. but what about add-ons?

thanks Lion

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Hi Edmeister,

thanks for the link. However, I think this is more a firefox then a portableapps kind of question.

I'd like to know,

1.) how passwords are saved and encrypted by firefox and how save they are in case someone gets access to the installation folder (masterpw is set)

2.) if there is a way to sync add-ons among different firefox installations

The PortableApps background story is more about explaining why it is quite likely that someone might get access to the installation folder.

all that with regard to thew Windows version of firefox 4.

thanks :)

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