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Netflix Silverlight 2103 error after Firefox 3.6.15 upgrade, but IE remains fine, reinstall of Silverlight made no difference


Within the last week, Firefox automatically upgraded itself to v. 3.6.15. Netflix started reporting a Silverlight 2103 error. I followed the Netflix instructions to uninstall Silverlight, then let Netflix reinstall Silverlight, which it did according to the Netflix instructions. MSIE continues to be able to play Netflix instant-view movies, even after the uninstall/reinstall of Silverlight.

Did something break as of 3.6.15?

Netflix reports that this particular combo is not a known issue and they have opened a case based on my report. I wonder if other users are silently switching to a different browser without reporting it...?

Thanks for any ideas or solutions.

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More Information

Firefox 3.6.15 on Windows XP.
Nothing else on my laptop seems to be behaving differently. I don't have access to another XP box to test it, and trying it on one of our UNIX boxes is probably diagnostically meaningless since we know that even this Windows XP machine I'm on works okay under MSIE.

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P.S. I've now installed Chrome on my machine, and can confirm that the Silverlight problem is specific to Firefox. Chrome and MSIE both work fine.

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The Netflix supervisor I spoke to today finally confirmed that it is a known condition. But he said Netflix can't contact Mozilla, only Microsoft since Silverlight is Microsoft's product (even though it seems to be a Firefox change at issue, not Silverlight breakage).

The suggestion from Netflix is to switch to an earlier (and less secure) version of Firefox, or change browsers entirely to MSIE or Chrome. Please someone on the Firefox dev team check into this so Firefox doesn't lose market share to other browsers over this.

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Fixed under Firefox 3.6.16.