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Instead of my AOL homepage, I get "Ask Jeeves" everytime I log-on to firefox, please help


I'm not sure how it got onto to my system, but I've had a pop-up called "ask Jeeves" everytime I've logged onto Firefox 4 Beta. I want my "AOL" homepage. I keep trying to put it in the "house box and that seems to work, but I don't want to have to open firefox and be recieved by a load of advertising, it's certainly not a Google search engine and is full of adverts. I have "adblock plus, and for the most part it seems to solve all the issues about unwanted pop-ups. Has anyone any ideas? I'd much appreciate it, thanks to you all.

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Please check whether your home page is set correctly: How to set the home page.

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This happened

Every time Firefox opened

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about a week ago

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Please check whether your home page is set correctly: How to set the home page.

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Thanks Gryllida, I'm still learning my away around computers to some extent, but thanks again mate. P.S. This "ask Jeeves web browser" was an absolute nightmare to get out of my system.