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How do I get around: Install blocked. For security reasons ... set to block .. applications not sourced in Android Market.


My new AT&T Galaxy S Captivate downloaded the installation file for the latest beta of Firefox for Mobile (Android) w/o a hitch, but now it won't let me install it because there's a block on installing applications from anywhere but Android Market. I couldn't find a link there to Firefox m (fennec). Does anyone know how to UNblock this? Or a way to work around the block?

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Matt Brubeck 147 solutions 1390 answers

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You can use the "adb" command from the Android development tools to install non-Market applications on the AT&T Captivate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J97Y31i9WUU

We also plan to distribute Firefox 4 in the Android Market when it is more stable.

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I followed his instructions, precisely, which completely screwed up the usb/phone drivers that I had downloaded from the Samsung site yesterday. And now I can't even "see" the phone in the Windows Explorer. Will let you know later - after I uninstall EVERYTHING and re-start and re-install the Samsung drivers - if this actually works for me.

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Okay. Got things working again and adb recognizes the phone. However, when it's connected w/usb in "Mass Storage" mode an additional drive letter is displayed but Windows doesn't think there's a disk in the drive. Also even though "adb devices" returns a list of attached devices indicating the correct id for the phone, the "adb install fennec-4.apk" command returns a result indicating the file cannot be found.  ???

I experimented with the phone's usb port in KIES mode as well and although I could then I could use Exploder to locate files and folders on the phone, the "adb install ..." command returned the same result.

These are most disconcerting results, particularly since I can't get Explorer to open the phone in Mass Storage mode at all. "help" here is usually very reliable and the instructions in the video & description are quite clear.  ??? I can wait 'til Firefox Mobile shows up in the Marketplace if I completely fail at this, but I need to solve the problem of not being able to use USB for file transfers, etc. Off to Samsung support, I guess.

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Matt Brubeck 147 solutions 1390 answers

Instead of "fennec-4.apk" try the full path to the Firefox APK package that you downloaded.

If you haven't downloaded it already, you can find it here: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/mobile/releases/4.0b2/android-r7/multi/

For the official beta release, the filename is "fennec-4.0b2.multi.eabi-arm.apk". Try using the complete path in your "adb" command, or place the package in the same folder as the "adb.exe" tool.

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Maybe you're version of android is different, but, in regular versions, you can allow non-market application on the settings under "Settings>Applications->Unknown sources"