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Everything I print out from Firefox is blank. I can print out in IE8.

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Whenever I print from Firefox, the printout is blank. Print preview also shows blank pages. My printer works fine in other browsers, etc.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== over a month ago

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Check your page set-up settings - Margins in Firefox. This happened to me after installing the latest update. My upper margins had been reset to 7342 inches!!!! I reset the top margin to .5 inches. Problem solved.

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Tried the reset, no joy. Margins also set correctly. Print Preview shows a quick flash of something that looks like a proper output, but this disappears and is replaced with a gray area filling the window except for the title bar and border. When printing to PDF, the PDF is blank (tried multiple applets, including Adobe). When printing to a paper printer, it prints as if there's content, but no ink is deposited. The number of pages is incorrect in both instances -- it's always one page with nothing.

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Please start a new thread, this one is marked Solved by the Original Poster in this thread.

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Just solved this problem.

1. click in the address space. usually "http etc."

2.Type in "about:config" without quotes.

3. click "yes I'll be careful"

4. in the search box type "print_margin"

5. You may have to grab the vertical lines between the headings at the top starting with the right hand one and pull them to the right [carefully] so you can see the complete first column contents.

6. scroll down the screen for the printer you are using to print.

7. Do the margins look like this?

print.printer_.....print_margin_left user set string ;0.699999988079071 This is the metric equivalent and rounds to 0.7 inches

or do they look like this? print.printer_.....print_margin_left user set string ;7.87685...what ever.

This means your left margin is almost 8 inches and minus the right margin probably leaves 0.0 inches for text and graphics. As a result print preview shows only top and bottom borders.


7. Put in the margins that you want. Remember too thin a bottom or top margin will not leave room for the headers and footers.

For example:

print.printer_.....print_margin_top; user set string 0.3 print.printer_.....print_margin_left; user set string 0.7 print.printer_.....print_margin_right; user set string 0.5 print.printer_.....print_margin_bottom; user set string 0.3

The left 0.7 is my preference since I put a lot of things in three ring binders and anything less usually means holes punched in the first two letters of a word.

8. Close the tab or window. This saves your settings [no save button]

9. Test by opening a site and click print preview. [also be sure you have the right printer selected [ my favorite trick is to forget to change to my local printer when my wife's machine is off.]]

Good luck.

Modified by LuigiWriter

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Hi. The above fixes did not work on my MacBook Pro running Firefox 3.6.12, for some reason, but I solved a similar "blank pages", "blank pdfs" and "blank previews" problem when I guessed and reset the following item in about:config...


This action was inspired by and is reached via a similar method as several described above: Enter "about:config" into the location line without quotes and hit return. Click "yes I'll be careful"....

Then scroll down to: print.macosx.pagesetup-2 and delete whatever (likely very long) string is present. (Option-double-click then delete or two-finger touchpad tap-select and choose reset as shown in the uploaded images.) This did the trick for me for now. Thanks for starting this thread! I too was getting tired of popping over to Safari just to print. ~kgo

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I have the same problem with Windows 7, 32 bit edition, Firefox version 3.6. When on a website called "" the print button to print a recipe from their print button on their webpage shows up as a void java script on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. I already have the newest Java updates istalled.

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Thanks for your info that Java and JavaScript are two different programs. I am already aware of this.I just wanted to be able to print from a specific webpage. I DID download the newest version of Java (JRE for Windows 7, 32 bit), installed it, and then opened up the web page in question in Firefox 3.6. Had no problem printing the article.

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Try This!

1) Go to Print Preview 2) Print 3) Name: HP PSC 2100 series (depend on your printer) 4) Properties... 5) Paper size: letter 6) Change to Paper size: A6 7) OK 8) Repeat step 4 again 9) Change back again Paper size: letter 10) OK 11) Don't print, but go back to Print Preview again and see if it works

This is the one that have work for me after trying several times modifying about:config with no success. Good luck and hope that will help.