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Firefox on USB Drive


When I downloaded Mobile using a borrowed Desk Top onto my USB drive, it appears that a copy of the Desk Top version from the borrowed Desk Top was downloaded as well... If I remove that version from my USB Drive will it affect the Mobile version? If not, should I Delete or Uninstall?

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Matt Brubeck 147 solutions 1390 answers

What version of Firefox were you trying to download, and where did you download it? What kind of computer or phone do you have?

Here are the official locations where you can download the latest version of Firefox:

Firefox for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers: http://getfirefox.com

Firefox for Nokia Maemo mobile phones: http://www.mozilla.com/mobile/

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In answer... Downloaded the current ? 363 Firefox Portable onto a USB drive earlier this week from


On a borrowed Dell Desk Top Pentium 4 with XP OS... The USB now has both Firefox Portable and whatever version was available Feb 2010, presumably with updates, of Firefox from the borrowed Desk Top...

My question... Does the Portable require the non Portable to operate? i.e. If I delete ? or ? uninstall the Desk Top Firefox from the USB drive what will happen to the Portable version?

Matt Brubeck 147 solutions 1390 answers

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Oh, I see. You're talking about a "portable" Firefox that can be moved from one computer to another on a USB drive.

"Portable" Firefox is just a special launcher for the normal Firefox browser that runs on desktop and laptop computers. It includes the full Firefox browser. You should not delete any of the files that it installs on your USB drive.

If you have more questions about the software from portableapps.com, please go to their support page: http://portableapps.com/support/firefox_portable

(This forum is about Mobile Firefox - a version of Firefox for mobile phones and other handheld devices.)