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cancel account and get refund from

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I set up a new Thunderbird account for email but needed a new email provider. Thunderbird suggested I paid the cost but have NO IDEA how to set that complicated account up to work and I would like a refund and get rid of gandi. gandi wants me to sign in and I don't even know if I have a sign in email name. EVERYTHING I try, fails !!! I have a password they generated, but I can't access an account.

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Two related things.

If you have set up a Gandi account in Thunderbird you can delete it by going to the account settings in the menu and using the account actions button.

Anything else is between you and Gandi

While Thunderbird offers Gandi accounts based on a decade old agreement, there is no real link between Thunderbird and Gandi. If your having issues with the mail account you created with them or want a refund you will need to deal with them direct.


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Thanks, I have attempted to contact gandi support but they want my "domain" name. Until yesterday evening, I had no idea I had even created that and was informed my domain name is the suffix of xxx.modi. I was, just now, able to actually send a request for help to them with that name, so I will see what they send in response, although I am not confidant that I will understand much of what they suggest.

I've never had to deal with so much tech input to obtain an email in the past and this is WAY above my pay grade... :(


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A bit of history here, when the agreement was made, gandi was in the business of selling or renting or whatever email addresses. you pid them a few dollars a year and they provided you with an email address on some handy domains link .engineer or .Doctor In the intervening years this has modified to them becoming a domain reseller so not the Thunderbird link gets oyou a domain, not an actual email address. I will have to pop a proposal to the counil that they reexamine the whole get an email address thing in light of you not really getting one anymore.

Might I suggest if you are just looking for a free email provider that the big ones are. , , Yahoo. Com and my personal choice is GMX as they are not US based they a German based and they simply do not invade your privacy like the US based mail providers do. Something to be said for Germany's strong privacy laws and the almost absence of them in the USA.


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Yeah, I can't get them to respond about the issue either and will ask for a refund, but I doubt I'll get anywhere with that either. The whole reason for the anonymous email address is to avoid all the big us companies. I don't do ANYTHING with google, if at all possible, and ms is just as bad. Thanks for the tip about GMX. I will look into that right away .. :)


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Well, I signed up for a GMX account and it is EXACTLY the same as the account we have had so many problems with. Same home page and layout, just different name.

Did I not get the correct company ?


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Here is what I got out of gandi, after denying they had charged my cc, they finally acknowledged they did but it is now TOO LATE to refund my money, when I asked for a refund days ago and that was ignored. Thunderbird NEEDS to stop referring people to this organization.

The mobi was suggested by thunderbird and after I paid the fee, it went to your gandi site. I have NO CLUE how all this came about, but I did pay a fee for SOMETHING, here. Guess I'll just take it in the ass and move on. Nobody knows anything or how to fix it, so I got scammed and screwed....nothing new on the wonderful internet.

Sent: Wednesday, August 05, 2020 at 2:25 AM From: "Gandi Customer Care" <> To: Subject: [support-en #12814567] [GANDI] [GANDI-V5] [gandimail] [mail-mx] mbd.modi Hello Mitch,

Thank you for your reply.

Please note that "mbd.modi" is not a valid domain name. On your account, you don't have any domains registered yet.

It's just that the email address that you indicate for your account "mbd_we_3" ends with

You haven't made any purchase with your account "mbd_we_3". Therefore there's no orders to refund.

If you would like to purchase a domain name, I'll suggest that you create a new account from scratch:

This time, please make sure that you indicate a valid email address when creating this new account.

If needed, you can always check our documentation page for more information:

We remain at your disposal should you need any further information.


\o/ Ivy G

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How do you feel about the support you received? Let us know at:

On Wed Aug 05 04:04:55 2020, wrote: > I have no idea where/who is. I got that from Thunderbird and > then was > sent to gandi for who knows why. I have no need, or want for a domain > and never > asked for one.Please, just refund my fee and I'll move along to > something far > less confusing and simple for me.Thanks.Mitch Sent: Tuesday, August > 04, 2020 at > 8:56 PM > From: "Gandi Customer Care" <> > To: > Subject: [support-en #12814567] [GANDI] [GANDI-V5] [gandimail] [mail- > mx] > mbd.modiHello Mitch, > > Thanks for contacting Gandi Customer Care. > > You are contacting us regarding your Gandi account. > > I confirm that your username is "mbd_we_3". > > You account is temporarily deactivated because you haven't validated > your email > address "S****3@m*****i" linked with your account. Consequently, I > resent you a > new validation email. Please check this mailbox, including SPAM/Junk > folder. > You need to click on the link in this validation email so as to > reactivate your > account. > > If the current email address is not accessible, please change your > email > address by form. Please fill out the email change form and send it to > us with > the required documents via your new email address. > > You can download the email change form here : > > > For more information, please refer to our documentation here : > > > We remain at your disposal should you need any further information. > > Sincerely, > > \o/ Ivy > G > > Refer a friend and win a collector’s t-shirt > > --------------------------------------------------------------- > How do you feel about the support you received? Let us know at: > > --------------------------------------------------------------- > > > > On Mon Aug 03 14:26:16 2020, wrote: > > First name: Mitch > > Last name: Despen > > Email address: > > > > domain: mbd.modi > > userAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:79.0) > > Gecko/20100101 Firefox/79.0 > > > > URL: > > US/questions/1297657?utm_campaign=questions- > > reply&utm_source=notification&utm_medium=email > > Message: I have NO IDEA how to set up this account OR log > > in. IF I have started this process, it was by accident thru prompts > > and I didn't know what I was doing. I paid a fee thru Thunderbird and > > believed it would be set up thru them. > > I "think" my user name is mbd_we_3 and I have a generated password, > > but NOTHING I do is working to access an account. > > I have read I need to respond to an "invitation letter" that was sent > > to my email. What email ? and if it is on here, again, I can't access > > it to respond. This is just an extremely infuriating and endless > > cycle > > of getting nowhere.

In order to have a mailbox (or, you NEED to own the domain The domain name was registered on July 27 and it is unfortunately now too late to get that registration cancelled and refunded, I'm sorry.

Best regards, Jeremie

On Fri, 7 Aug 2020 03:30:03 GMT, wrote: > All I wanted was a simple email account to work with Thunderbird. I > never asked > for a domain and have no need for one.PLEASE just refund my money and > delete > this account, as I have already set up another account that is very > easy to > deal with and I removed Thunderbird from my computer, as I don't need > it > either. Thank You for all your time figuring out this mess, but I > would really > just like my money back and move ahead with what I have.Mitch Sent: > Thursday, > August 06, 2020 at 10:23 PM > From: "Gandi Customer Care" <> > To: > Subject: [domain2-en #12814567] [GANDI] [GANDI-V5] [gandimail] [mail- > mx] > mbd.modiDear Mitch, > > Thank you for waiting. > Since you placed your order through Mozilla Thunderbird, the account > that was > created for you is using our old system (namely "Gandi v4"). Your > classic > 'handle' in Gandi v4 is: MD26854-GANDI. > > Therefore, in order to be able to use you domain name and > specifically > the mailbox, you will need to proceed with the > migration of > that classic account (MD26854-GANDI) to our new system ("Gandi v5"). > > To do so, please go to and submit the handle > MD26854-GANDI. > If you do not know the password for MD26854-GANDI, click "Forgot your > password?" and submit MD26854-GANDI. You will then receive an email > with > instructions to (re)set the password. Once the password is set, go to > and proceed with the migration of MD26854- > GANDI. > > You will have to choose a username for Gandi v5 (since we no longer > use classic > v4 handles in Gandi v5). > > When your v4 handle is migrated, you will be able to log into your > control > panel with your v5 username at: > > > From there, you can manage your mailbox in "Domain > > > Email". > You will find a button to have the password for the mailbox (which is > independent from the password for your user account). You can set up > the > mailbox in Thunderbird using our standard POP/IMAP parameters (please > refer to > > > I hope this helps. > If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact > me. > > Best regards, > Jeremie > > > -------------------------------- > How do you feel about the support you received? Let us know at: > > -------------------------------- > > On Thu, 6 Aug 2020 12:05:06 GMT, wrote: > > Jul 28 2020GANDI.NET 317-039-3748 CA $7.95 This is how the tansaction > > appears > > on my cc statement. Sent: Wednesday, August 05, 2020 at 9:01 PM > > From: "Gandi Customer Care" <> > > To: > > Subject: [support-en #12814567] [GANDI] [GANDI-V5] [gandimail] [mail- > > mx] > > mbd.modiHello Mitch, > > > > I check again for you. There's no orders made with your user account > > "mbd_we_3". Therefore, no transactions to refund. > > > > I'll suggest that you see with Thunderbird for more details. > > > > If you believe that your were charged by Gandi, please provide us the > > following > > details for further investigation: > > - the date that the payment was made > > - the amount of the payment > > - which one of Gandi's Banks the payment was made to > > - the session number > > - any additional reference numbers that you may have from your bank > > to > > identify > > the payment > > > > I remain at your disposal for further information. > > > > Sincerely, > > > > Ivy > >


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