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I have 74.0 (32-bit) on Windows 7, and certain js plugins are not working correctly anymore. I'm pretty sure this is a 32 bit problem only, as folks on other machines with 64 bit browsers don't seem to have the same problem. The site I'm having a problem with works okay on Chrome (32 bit), but not on Firefox.

This is a very recent problem, I'm pretty sure it has to do with the latest Firefox update for 32 bit.

The problem can be seen here:

It's not just that website server though, it's the same on other servers.

The js pdf 'flip page' plugin is not able to display the file. It loads okay, but does not show. Getting these warning in the Inspector Console:

WebGL warning: clear: Framebuffer must be complete.
WebGL warning: drawArraysInstanced: Framebuffer must be complete.

Warning: Empty "FlateDecode" stream.

... and others.

The problem is the same on different servers, and on a Xampp local server. So, my question is: Is this a 32 bit Firefox problem only, as I suspect? And if so, what can be done about it?

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