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Why the HELL are new bookmarks defaulting to 'Other Bookmarks?'

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I'm not the only one with this problem, but it look like no one is bothering to fix it. Yes, I know there's external plug-in to patch the problem, but how did it get in there in the first place!!

Time to fix it, guys!

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cyclonecomputer said:

how did it get in there in the first place!! You welcome.

Marco Bonardo said:

An intentional change is not a bug, even if you don't like the new behavior. Someone else may not have liked the old behavior as well.
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Intentional change? Why would anyone want a book mark to NOT be, well, under the BOOKMARK Menu? Especially since that's what usually happened since the "browser" was invented! Maybe we should suggest to Apple to create a 'Documents' folder, but if anyone goes to save anything it can only be save (no choice) into the 'Secondary Stuff' folder. If this is an "intentional change," what the hell is the LOGIC behind it? Did you all get together and say "Hey! This is a great idea!" without asking any users? (Adobe does that all the time) If you're having it default to one folder, why not let the user CHANGE the default folder?

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The point I'm trying to make is WHY does it do that ? Why ISN'T it fixed? What IDIOTS decided all yours want this? And Why do I need a 3rd Party extension to 'fix' what was a stupid 'change' to begin with?

I have that extension already.

Is it an 'Intentional Change?' In my 30 year career, I have run into this too many times: Programmers convince EACH OTHER that some new change is "great" and all the users look at it and say "Hua?"

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Hi cyclonecomputer, this is a support forum. We work with the Firefox we have today and can help with features, settings, and workarounds. You already know what you need to know about making Firefox work the way you prefer.

Researching and debating design choices made many versions ago is better taken to other forums such as:

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yes it is a support forum, but it's the only way most of us know if we want to make a complain. Thank you for the links above, but remember, A. I specifically contacted this 'support forum' because I thought it was a bug needed fixing, and As far as I know it STILL is. B. being told it was an "Intentional change" sounded like a blow-off, as I didn't believe any programmer could be THAT STUPID as to MAKE "Other Bookmarks" the default, since it defies ALL logic, reason and practice.

IF it is an "Intentional change," please confirm it for me now. Then ask them what the hell is the 'reasoning' behind it, and tell whomever thought this was a good idea that they're idiots.

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Hi cyclonecomputer, those are not support questions, and support forum volunteers don't have any special access to the developers or designers.

This is the history as I see it:

There was an inconsistency that started in Firefox 4:

  • Clicking the star icon in the address bar (Fx4-28) or on the toolbar (Fx29-56) added the new bookmark to Other Bookmarks (originally called Unsorted Bookmarks)
  • The other methods (Ctrl+d, right-click context menu, classic Bookmarks menu) added the new bookmark to Bookmarks Menu

The methods were finally made consistent in the Firefox 57 redesign last November. It's unfortunate that they chose a single folder rather than providing a user preference, since either choice was going to be a change for a lot of users who had only ever used one of the two methods for adding a new bookmark. But that is how it is and why there has been an add-on for the past year. And this is all very old news.

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As I said in the beginning: I thought it was a bug, so contacting the support forum was the ONLY way I was going to find out it wasn't. Some of us don't use the Star OR Ctrl+d, right-click context menu, but go up to the Bookmark menu ON THEIR MACINTOSH and select it from the drop down menu. And on every other browser, ever, that put it under "bookmarks menu."

I appreciate your efforts to fill me in exactly what was done and why.

Also, I don't care how "very old news" this is, we work in a large office environment where we don't allow automatic upgrades, since more than once it's hanged some development projects in house.